The Gift


As a little girl, I grew up with a dad who was constantly hunched over the dining room table with sheets of newsprint laid carefully to collect the moisture from his upturned stamps.  I remember the corning ware bowl with little golden flowers that was a warm bath for incoming stamps and begging my dad to let me be the one to slide the newly-freed stamp from its slimy paper.

I didn’t know then that I would one day be the proud owner of a now 4th generation stamp collection, or that inheriting that collection would be the catalyst to re-energize my relationship with my dad.  I was always a daddy’s girl but now I have even more to share with him and for that I’m thankful.  I know little about stamps but am looking forward to the journey.

Dad’s collection came to me in 5 file boxes and about 13 wooden boxes that were hand crafted by him to hold envelopes of stamps.  Each one holds about 150 envelopes – just a guess at this point.  And in each one of those envelopes is any number of stamps.  At last count there were over 100,000 stamps in this collection and it includes stamps from nearly every country in the world.

This blog is a chance not only to share my journey, but to document it for myself as well.


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