Wet and Dry Printing

Finding time to spend on my new collection has proven more difficult than I thought.  It remains on my ‘to do’ list pretty much every day but it has been weeks since I have found a block of time to really dedicate to it.  Today however, the sun is shining into my office; the dog is catching a nap in the living room; my family is blissfully contented and I am left with a sliver of time to myself.  Heaven.

Not five minutes into stamping I find myself faced with another piece of the puzzle. Wet printing and dry printing.  What?? I’ve never even heard of this.  Apparently, one of the different methods of printing (read Janet Klug’s great and detailed article to really understand the process) involved printing with wet paper.  Paper at the time was thicker and by moistening it they could run it through machines easier.  The downside to this was that inks ran a bit.  Dry paper printing resulted in a crisper image and came when paper started to become easier to handle.  Again, read the article if you want all the details.

I’ve been following Scott’s book for stamp collecting and they didn’t say anything about the difference between wet and dry printing so it was a great find today to learn something new!


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