About Me

denaige (2)Stamps have been around me my whole life, but for the most part my enthusiasm was for making my dad happy, not in the stamps themselves.  Now that I have inherited the family collection I am starting to understand the exciting world of stamps.  Yes haters, I did say exciting.  Stamps are little pieces of artwork that have chronicled changes in history.    Whether it’s political, artistic, environmental, or otherwise, important moments are marked with a stamp.

By learning about stamps I’m learning about history, learning to have an eye for detail, and learning to be patient.  All of these are areas where i can improve and I get to do it while looking at these fantastic pieces of paper that were lovingly applied and removed and stored.  They are a treasure and I’m pretty excited to solve the mystery.  Read more about my plan to update this great collection.

I’m currently working on Phase One of my Plan which is the sorting, cataloging, and filing of my Canadian stamp collection.


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